{insert a greeting more clever than ‘hi!’}

I’m Amber, a Chicago-raised, Michigan-educated New Yorker. 

Magazines were the dream, but the internet and urban rent asked, “Are you sure about that?” So, I spent my teen years consuming digital content (thanks, Tumblr) and teaching myself the basics of front-end development.

In college, I optimized everything I loved about editorials for the digital sphere – accenting my journalism studies with digital photography and design. In time, I turned my magazine dreams into reality as a Digital Editor-in-Chief, all while maintaining my job as a Web Editor for the university itself.

Post grad, I moved to Brooklyn with two suitcases, two months rent, and began freelancing (read “struggling”).

One NYFW show, a slew of blog content, and several copy editing gigs later, I was recruited for a hybrid role combining my technical and editorial skills. In my two years at Google, I created the production process for a global site serving 21 regional markets and 2+ million monthly active users.

Technology supports me, but creativity drives me. So, please don’t think of this site as a portfolio. Instead, let’s call it an ongoing work in progress of, dare I say, “digital art.” Enjoy.

AmberCreative Hustler